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Getting more views is a big part of building a brand and reputation on YouTube. When a video shows up in someone’s feed, the more views it has, the more likely they will choose to watch it.

Users are more likely to check out your content if others have already seen it. They add to your credibility. They lead to likes, subscribers, better search results, and traffic that comes to your channel without you doing anything. It’s a chain reaction that helps you build momentum and grow your YouTube channel.

Why should you buy views on YouTube?

Buy YouTube views in Australia to get more attention! What kinds of videos are you willing to click on when you’re looking for something interesting to watch on YouTube? We’re ready to bet you’ll choose the video with the most views. Most of the time, the number of views tells us whether a video is interesting. It takes work to get to the top spot. We can help you if you need help getting enough people to watch your videos. One of the most popular things we sell is YouTube views, which you can buy from us.

If you buy YouTube views, it will be soon that your natural traffic and view counts will start to rise. People will think your videos are engaging and try to watch them. If your content is good, they might also subscribe to your channel, which is like killing many birds with one stone.



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Choose your package for YouTube Likes.

There is a range of YouTube Likes packages to choose from, starting with High Quality, Super Quality and Premium.

Enter your name

Enter your YouTube username that you need to follow YouTube.

Full payment

Choose from various modes of payment via our secure payment portal. Once your payment has been verified, we will start adding YouTube Likes to your account immediately.


Is Buying YouTube Views from idigic Safe?

Of course! No safety issue would make you not want to buy YouTube views. YouTube only stops people from doing these things if they are spam. We accept both PayPal and credit cards as ways to pay. Our 256-bit SSL certificate scrambles credit card information so that third parties nor we can read it. Even our staff can see how much you paid. So it is entirely safe to buy anything on idigic.

In addition to being good, the service you like should have good customer service. You should get in touch with them whenever you want. idigic offers online customer service via WhatsApp 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The benefit you get should happen quickly. You should get your order in the time frame that was given to you when you bought it. We can usually get your product to you in a few minutes. Also, we will always ask you for your password.

Is it legal to buy YouTube views in Australia?

In no country is it against the law to buy social media likes. You should know, though, that YouTube blocks some tricks. It is against YouTube’s rules to buy likes or other things, but it is not illegal. You can use our service to get YouTube views. You can also use “Buy YouTube Shares.”

What's the purpose of obtaining views on YouTube?

Now that you know . let’s talk about the pros of buying YouTube views. Among these benefits are:

  • The first and important effect is that your videos will look like they are getting more views.
  • People usually watch popular videos. As more people watch your videos, their popularity will grow. As they become more well-known, more people will see them. It’s like a domino effect.
  • People will still watch your videos even if you don’t pay for views. But it might take a while.
  • However, if you purchase views, you will save time and your videos will gain popularity more quickly
  • All of these benefits are also true for YouTube Shorts.

Views on YouTube make you more money.

Everyone wants to make money on YouTube, from little kids to older people. It seems easy to make money from phones, but it’s not. You can only make money by making just one video. It used to be possible, but the new YouTube algorithm and idigic  have rules about what you can and can’t do. You need 1,000 subscribers and a good amount of watch time in the last few months. This way, YouTube can keep track of what you do, and you can only turn on monetization if you do something.

But you can speed up the process by buying YouTube views.

Again, this legal service won’t hurt your YouTube account. This product only exists to help you get ahead as a YouTuber in many ways.

  • It helps you make more money and get better at what you do. When you use this service along with the buy YouTube likes of the product, you can quickly improve your YouTube account. Every YouTuber, from beginners to pros, can use this service to their advantage.
  • You’re bought YouTube views are permanent and will never go away. If you have questions, please use our WhatsApp customer service, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Idigic has made it possible for many people to start making extra money by sharing videos on YouTube. Thanks to idigic , YouTube is the best place to post videos to make money. You need a YouTube channel and a Google account to make money from our videos.
  • Relax and enjoy making money while people watch the videos you put on YouTube. YouTube will pay you for each view of a video as long as the viewer watches for at least 30 seconds. It only pays for views that are 30 seconds long.
  • The number of views on a YouTube video shows how often it has been watched. This is an important metric that shows how popular the video is. After making sure that real people watch the videos, the videos are turned into money.

How to Buy Views on YouTube from idigic

You are free to make advantage of our YouTube Views Service now that you are aware of the benefits it offers.. Our site is the cheapest place to buy YouTube views. If you’ve decided for sure that you want to buy high-retention YouTube views, you should do the following:

  • First, decide what kind of views you want to see. If you buy real YouTube views, click on the “real” tab.
  • Copy and paste the link to your video into the box.
  • Enter the total number of views you want to buy into the box below.
  • Click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” to go to the screen where you pay.
  • Finish payment process

The views you bought will appear on your profile as soon as possible. You can also buy this product for YouTube Shorts, but that goes without saying. If there are any delays or other problems, please let us know. If you want to, you can also buy YouTube subscribers. Don’t just leave your YouTube channel alone; use our services to make it more successful.

How does purchasing YouTube views affect your ranking?

The association between YouTube views and ranking is high. The greater your video’s number of ideas, the higher it will appear in the rankings. It will be advantageous to boost the number of views as much as feasible. Consider promoting your YouTube channel on other social networks to increase the number of views. Additionally, you may purchase YouTube live views to increase the viewership for your live streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Purchasing YouTube views through Lenos is secure. We employ the most advanced and tried-and-true marketing strategies. You may rest confident that we use only safe approaches in our YouTube ads, making our services risk-free.

Purchasing YouTube views is typically a basic affair. Select the quantity you desire, supply the link to your film, and we will handle the promotion. Ensure that your video link is neither private nor subject to country-specific restrictions to deliver a seamless service.

The response depends on the exact source of traffic, but in general, you will begin to receive new views within a few hours. The growth is assured within twenty-four hours of the order.

Our advertising efforts result in engagement with your video’s actual users through many traffic sources. If you wish to engage solely real people, you can utilize our essential services, which may result in a lower retention rate (as it is hard to manage the conduct of real humans!). Check the product’s title/description to see if your purchasing traffic is 100 percent genuine.

Yes! Purchasing YouTube views through Lenos is secure. We employ the most advanced and tried-and-true marketing strategies. You may rest confident that we use only safe approaches in our YouTube ads, making our services risk-free.

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